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Maxwell's Collection DVD E-News | Edition 11 | September 2012

Australian Documentaries

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The ABC continues to investigate issues affecting all Australians. The following programs are available on DVD.

ASYLUM (Immigration)

The debate about Australia’s asylum policy continues whilst the detention camps are close to capacity. What are the long term consequences of the current policy? Reporter Sarah Ferguson gathers startling evidence about life inside.

© 2011 Four Corners ABC TV [more]


The stories of the families who fled the killing fields of Cambodia to find safety in Australia. Where are they now, 25 years later, and what does their experience tell us about the current refugee arrivals?

© 2011 Four Corners ABC TV [more]


Twenty years on Liz Jackson reports on the impact of this historic judgement, the reaction it inspired and the inside story of the negotiations to create the law that would pave the way for Native Title.

© 2012 Four Corners ABC TV [more]


When the Japanese bombed Darwin in 1943, a group of 95 aboriginal children and their missionary carers escaped Croker Island and began an epic journey south to Sydney. The now elderly travellers look back on that time and their fractured childhoods.

© 2012 Jennifer Crone Productions/ABC TV [more]

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